Friday, March 14, 2014

Green Cleaning With Steam

Lavender Sweet Orange Home Cleaning of Alpharetta GA, now offers another all natural way to clean your home by harvesting the power of steam. For many of us "steam cleaning" conjures up images of the old Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning commercials, however steam cleaning has a myriad of other uses. It helps loosen dirt, grease and grime with only water in the bathroom, kitchen, on tile floors, and any other hard to reach surface. It's a fantastic method to use in tight spaces where dirt and mold collect such as between bathroom fixtures, toilet hinges, and shower doors tracks. It's also effective in breaking down tough grease in the kitchen especially on the stove top.

Steam cleaning tile and grout is yet another great way to clean green without any chemical products and minimal scrubbing. If you have ever lived in a home that has tile flooring you may have battled with the discoloration that inevitably occurs along the grout lines. Grout is a porous material that collects dirt and often becomes discolored. Regular vacuuming and mopping alone are not enough to prevent or remove the dirt and grime that builds up within the grout lines over time. Fortunately harvesting the power of steam can often remove the dirt embedded in your grout returning it to its natural color.

 Steam cleaning in those tough to reach areas around and between the sink faucet let loose loads of mold and grime 

 All of this loose gunk could then be wiped away easily and disinfected with a spritz of our Aromatherapy Naturals organic cleaner

Naturally clean, naturally fresh, beautiful!

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